Rogue Champions - Marvel Champions LCG + Roguelike App

I have recently dusted off a project I started earlier this year: Rogue Champions.

It is a companion web app for the Marvel Champions LCG card game by Fantasy Flight Games. Its goal is to create a rogue-like gameplay experience that spans multiple sessions of the game.

The key points are you carry over health from game to game, you acquire and improve upgrades, and the villains get tougher.

When you first start you choose which expansions and heroes you want to play with, then you enter the gameplay loop described below:

1. Select Upgrades

Most upgrades are Setup upgrades that allow you to place a card into play at game start. Each upgrade falls under one of 6 categories:

    • Aggression/Protection/Leadership/Justice: Put cards into play from these aspects.
    • General: Put basic cards into play, and non-card based upgrades
    • Heroic: Put cards from your hero's deck into play

2. Select Mission

You choose from two missions. Each will have different combination of villain, encounter sets, and custom setup rules I've created. Each mission will also have 

3. Play the Game

Set up the villain using the mission you've selected. Follow any special setup the villain has.
Set up your hero decks and follow the setup instructions of your upgrades.
Set your starting HP appropriately.

4. Downtime

During downtime you choose to either heal some of your missing HP, or level up an existing upgrade. Leveling up an upgrade could mean that your Avenger's Mansion upgrade brings the card into play without exhausting it, or that your Med Team comes into play with a bonus counter on it.

5. Enter Result

If you win, you will enter the final HP value of each hero. Your health carries over from game to game.

6. Repeat to Victory!

Go back to selecting upgrades and do the whole thing again. Do this until you defeat the final villain.

Project Info

The code is available on GitHub at, and you are welcome to clone and copy it. License is MIT.


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