Solo Playtest for Rogue Champions - A Marvel Champions LCG Companion App

 It's been a while since I've tested how the app works with the physical card game, so today I'm doing that. I'm going to play through a 4 mission campaign as Black Panther, and log it here. I'll also be compiling my notes and bugs in this post.

Mission 1: Rhino

I was given the choice between this and fighting Ultron. This is far easier I believe, so I might need to work on the code that generates the choices of missions to fight.

I won the game fairly easily with a Black Panther Aggression deck. The upgrade I picked has no upgrades, so during the Downtime phase I just healed to full.

Here were my upgrade options going into Mission 2:

I picked Capital Estate because this upgrade seems really strong. Here are the mission choices:

I picked the top one just because it has a Challenge on it, which I want to test out. First thing I've noticed is that Norman Osborn is the villain but the encounter set is Mutagenic Formula, which is the wrong one. I decided to go with the right Villain, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, and swap out the wrong encounter set for the correct one, Risky Business.

I managed to win very easily. Probably because I'm doing stages I and II, instead of II and III.

I just realized I forgot to do the extra Challenge of the mission. Oops.

Here are the upgrade options:

I put in my final HP as 11, so there's definitely a bug here. I picked the last upgrade because an extra 2 cards on turn 1, and on most other turns, is very good.

Here are the upgrade options:

Here are the mission choices:

My first thought here is that the missions aren't increasing in difficulty enough.

That's enough testing for today. Here are the changes I'd like to make:

  • Fix the Norman Osborn encounter set
  • Have the difficulty ramp up more quickly
  • Fix the bug with setting final HP


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