Adding New Content

Today for Rogue Champions I am focusing on adding content  to the game. Since I started the project there have been many character and villain packs released, as well as The Rise of Red Skull expansion. Because of that, there is a lot of content missing that I would like to add. In this post I'll give a little insight into how the content is added. Adding Upgrades Most of the upgrades in Rogue Champions have specific Setup  instructions on them. These generally put a card into play for you. I wanted to use setup so that you don't have to check back on the app once you're playing. You just check all the setup instructions at game start, then play Marvel Champions normally. From a coding point of view, all of the possible upgrades are in the const/upgrades.ts  file. The upgrades have the following type export interface Upgrade { name: string description : () => any level: number maxLevel?: number requires: null | string requiresHero?: string levelUpMessag

Rogue Champions - Marvel Champions LCG + Roguelike App

I have recently dusted off a project I started earlier this year: Rogue Champions. It is a companion web app for the Marvel Champions LCG card game by Fantasy Flight Games. Its goal is to create a rogue-like gameplay experience that spans multiple sessions of the game.